AdkinSoft's Online Ordering and tracking products are called E-Commerce.

E-Commerce is a family of modular application products that are browser enabled and work with Baan Distribution sessions. This product provides a bolt on Internet solution for Baan release levels 3,4,and 5 (Baan Series).

The E-Commerce Application system contains two Parts. The Web components which manage the application dialog on the Browser and the Baan middleware components that manage transactions between the web server and Baan sessions.

Both of these components work together to provide real time order entry, order status, financial account status and consignment inventory management in Baan. The Browser application is designed to provide a sales dialog with your customer to capture sales orders. The Baan middleware analyzes the sales orders according to your business rules and then translates them directly into Baan sales orders.

E-Commerce Sales Order System

E-Commerce Order System is a browser based internet order entry and order tracking system. Two sales models are provided Supply Side Sales and Direct Purchase. Sales. "Plugins" for product catalogue are also provided. Each sales model supports multiple sales studios for the various Baan sales order types utilized. These sales studios are customized to your specification. Order status is provided for each order shipment sequence. The order status system supports shipper links to FEDEX and UPS provided your Baan system captures manifest tracking information.

E-Commerce Financials System

E-Commerce Financial System is a browser based internet system for customer inquiry, printing, reporting of financial statements and invoices. Sales order history is provided by dates and items purchased.

E-Commerce Consignment Inventory Management

E-Commerce Consignment Inventory Management module is an extension to the order entry modules that provides for the replenishment and billing of consumed consignment inventory and analysis of sold and unsold inventory. This is a supply side sales and replenishment order management system.