Tailored to Fit the Cloud

AdkinSoft works with over 5 world-class cloud partners, so you'll always come out looking sharp.

The Cloud Built For You

Your business needs the cloud, but the cloud you need today may not be the cloud you need tomorrow. That's why you need adkinsoft. We have the people and partners to make sure your cloud adapts to the latest technology and your evolving business needs.

We offer you a dedicated Cloud Client Executive (CCE) who understands your industry and your business. One who helps you tailor a solution to meet your organizational, technology, and financial objectives.

We integrate your cloud solution and oversee day-to-day management while enhancing security and minimizing risks.

The Complete Custom Cloud Solution

oft, we can help you through every stage of your transition to the cloud. From discovery to assessment to migration and integration, our full range of solutions and services makes adopting the cloud simple.

Our complete cloud offering includes:

Integrated Security Solutions: We can help assess and implement integrated security measures to safeguard your data and applications.

Your IT Business Advisor: Starting with your business objectives, our Cloud Client Executives use the power of the cloud to boost productivity, regulate IT costs, enhance flexibility, and drive innovation.

Best-of-Breed Cloud Providers: Our vetted portfolio of cloud providers allows us to provide turnkey cloud provisioning—everything from infrastructure to applications for private, public, or hybrid cloud build outs.

Risk Mitigation: We provide the risk management methodologies to secure data, maximize continuity of operations; and put disaster recovery plans in place.

End-to-End Services: Whether you choose to utilize internal or external resources, we can help you with planning, migration, integration, and on-going managed services (at our place or yours).

Visibility & Control: We enable accessible and on-demand provisioning/de-provisioning, reporting, billing and account management, and support and/or escalation.


Working with a portfolio of best-of-breed technology partners, we help you build a cloud solution that is tailored to your requirements. From infrastructure to applications, our offerings include public, private, and hybrid clouds.

From migration to integration to managed services, we have the experts and the resources to service your entire ecosystem across your IT lifecycle and the changing demands that come with it.


Account Managers are backed by a Cloud Client Executive dedicated to your business—free of cost. Together they provide consultative planning, an unbiased strategy, and review new industry providers and technologies.


Cloud computing is changing the game. Learn how the cloud impacts real business outcomes from boosting productivity to housing disaster recovery data to creating flexible testing environments, and more.


There's no one-size-fits-all solution for the cloud. We work with customers across specific industries and have teams to support them. So whether you're in healthcare, financial services, education, or any other industry that faces unique challenges, we can help. And chances are, we've done it before.



We are an end-to-end provider of cloud applications, solutions and services in public, private and hybrid environments.


Based on your business demands, we can help you plan, deliver and manage a flexible cloud solution tailored to your needs.


We offer best-of-breed providers, risk mitigation strategies and dedicated personalized expertise to deliver economic and operational benefits.